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Didaktik is a modern, medium-sized company owned by Slovak owners, which was established in 1992 through the transformation of the production cooperative Služba. Since its foundation in 1972, its main program has been the production of teaching aids for physics, to which the production of personal microcomputers branded Didaktik Gama, Didaktik M, and Didaktik Compact was later added. In the 1980s, Didaktik was the most well-known producer of personal microcomputers in the former Czechoslovakia, with a production volume of 100,000 units, and it maintained this primacy until 1991.

In 1992, together with the Czech company Protherm, the production of electric and later gas boilers branded Protherm started, which continued successfully until 1998, when assembly became independent and relocated to its own plant. Didaktik became a supplier of components for heating technology, but it continued to produce teaching aids for most European distributors.

Currently, the main production program is the production of products from thin sheet metal through cutting, bending, riveting, and subsequent surface treatment as required. Supplementary products include teaching aids, tools, rotationally machined components, carpentry and plastic products.

A broad technological scope, qualified workers, a modern information system, and ISO 9001 quality certification are all guarantees that the needs of our customers will be fulfilled to their maximum satisfaction.